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The Metaverse Unlocked



In this MasterCamp©, you will explore the Metaverse concept, a virtual world where people can interact with each other and digital objects in a fully immersive environment. You will learn about the technology behind the Metaverse, its history, and its potential applications in various industries.


To participate in this MasterCamp© you will need a reliable internet connection, a computer or mobile device, and basic computer skills. No prior knowledge of the Metaverse or virtual reality is required.


This MasterCamp© is suitable for anyone interested in the future of technology, virtual reality, and the potential of the Metaverse. It is particularly relevant for policymakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals in industries such as gaming, entertainment, education, and marketing.


This MasterCamp© includes various interactive learning materials, including video lectures, quizzes, and assignments. You can also participate in virtual group discussions and connect with other learners worldwide. Upon completion of the MasterCamp©, you will receive a certificate of achievement demonstrating your knowledge and skills in the field of the metaverse.

By the end of this MasterCamp©, you will have a solid understanding of the metaverse and its implications for the future of technology and society. You will learn about the history of the metaverse, its current state, and potential applications in various industries. You will also gain insights into the challenges and opportunities the metaverse presents and explore the ethical considerations surrounding this emerging technology.


In addition to knowledge about the metaverse, you will also gain a range of practical skills in this Master class. These include critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration. You will also learn more about the key firms making parts of it and the social, economic, and technical aspects that will drive its expansion in the future.

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My Story

Khaled Koubaa is an internationally renowned policy expert and the Founder and President of Medeverse, an organization dedicated to promoting the use of the Metaverse to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Additionally, Khaled is the Founder and CEO of AT Worthy Technology, Inc., where he invented the “Digital Worthiness” concept that serves as the foundation for the AT Worthy Digital Rating system.
With extensive experience at the intersection of business, technology, and governance, Khaled has held significant leadership roles at major industry players like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Google. His expertise in Internet policy has also led him to serve on the board of directors for the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the board of trustees for the Internet Society (ISOC), the board of directors of AfriNIC, and as a member of the UN’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group. Additionally, Khaled has been part of the advisory council for the Public Interest Registry and the World Bank Group Council on Civic Engagement.
As a dynamic, creative, and forward-thinking leader, Khaled continues to make invaluable contributions to the field of Internet policy and strives to shape the role of the Internet in world affairs.

Where I’ve Worked

2023 - Now
President US Medeverse
2019 - 2023
Public Policy - Meta
2016 - 2019
Director Board Of Directors- ICANN
Head of Public Policy and Government Relations - Google

Skills you will gain

Unleashing the Metaverse

  • Metaverse
  • Virtual reality
  • Immersive environment
  • Technology applications
  • Future of technology
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