Helmi Hammami


Financial Statements Analysis

Financial Statements Analysis


Financial statements analysis is a critical skill for anyone interested in finance, accounting, or investing. This online Master class provides a comprehensive introduction to financial statements analysis, covering key concepts and techniques used in the industry.

Through a series of lectures, readings, and exercises, participants will learn how to interpret financial statements and identify key insights that can inform business decisions. They will explore the three main financial statements – the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement – and learn how to analyze them using various techniques, such as ratio analysis and trend analysis.

The MasterCamp© is designed for both professionals and students who want to develop their financial literacy and analytical skills. Whether you are a business owner, investor, analyst, or accountant, this MasterCamp© will help you better understand financial statements and their significance in the business world


  • Prerequisites for the MasterCamp© (e.g. basic accounting knowledge, familiarity with financial terms and concepts)
  • Technical requirements (e.g. internet connection, software or tools required for analysis)
  • Materials needed (e.g. textbooks, software, financial statements of companies)


  • Target audience (e.g. students, professionals, investors, business owners)
  • Benefits of taking the course (e.g. career advancement, financial literacy, investment skills)
  • Live Course outline and syllabus
  • Lecture videos, readings, and exercises
  • Assignments and quizzes to test understanding
  • Instructor feedback and support
  • Opportunities for peer learning and networking
  • Certification or accreditation upon completion
  • Main topics covered in the course (e.g. financial ratio analysis, cash flow analysis, income statement analysis)
  • How to interpret financial statements and identify key insights
  • How to evaluate a company's financial health and performance
  • Real-world applications and examples of financial statements analysis


  • Key skills developed through the course (e.g. analytical skills, critical thinking,
    financial modeling)
  • Transferable skills applicable to other areas (e.g. decision-making, risk
    management, communication)
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My Story

Professor Helmi Hammami is a full professor of Accounting at Rennes School of Business – France. He currently serves as the Senior Advisor for Knowledge Transfer at the same business school. In particular, his portfolio covers research valorization, and making research more entrenched in society and more related to societal issues. .
Until September 2021, Prof. Hammami was the Academic Dean of Rennes SB, where he managed the academic affairs of the school. He also held several other leadership positions including the Senior Advisor for accreditations, the Head of the Department of Finance and Accounting, and the Head of the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Rennes SB.
Before joining Rennes SB, Prof. Hammami worked for several years at Qatar University where he was very active in university reform. He held the position of the Head of the Department of Accounting and Information systems, with a portfolio of responsibilities covering several facets of the academic affairs of the school. He also held other previous professorship and consulting appointments in Tunisia and Italy.
Helmi Hammami led several committees related to quality assurance, faculty affairs and accreditations. With extensive international experience, Prof. Hammami is well-versed in academic reforms especially in relation to the requirements of international accreditation bodies with whom he is very engaged, and faculty management in multicultural settings. Besides, he has good knowledge of the North-American, the French education systems and Middle Eastern and African education systems, in particular.
He holds a PhD in Accounting and Finance from Bocconi University – Italy. He is a former resident fellow of the Collegio di Milano, and recipient of the French Government fellowship to outstanding overseas academics.
Helmi specializes in accounting related topics, notably financial reporting (IFRS), fraud risk governance, and accounting for economic development. He has several publications in international academic refereed journals. Helmi works extensively with accounting professional bodies to strengthen academic- practice ties. He acted as the vice-president for academic relations at the IMA(1) French chapter and he is active with the French and other accounting bodies. He is currently member of the accreditation governance of the Association of African Business Schools (AABS).
As give-back to the community, Helmi sits on the board of several SMEs and provides advice to burgeoning entrepreneurs.

Where I’ve Worked

2014 - Now
Full Professor of Accounting & Auditing - Rennes Busines School (France)
2018 - 2023
Member Quality/Accreditations Group - Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE)
2014 - 2019
Vice President (Academic Relations)-French Chapter - IMA | Institute of Management Accountants
Director of the Master of Accounting (MAC) - College of Business and Economics - Qatar University

Skills you will gain

Financial Analysis

  • Financial statements analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Key insights
  • Ratio analysis
  • Financial health
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