EngineeringCamp Data Science and AI


Become a Data Sientist in 6 Months

What is a Data Scientist?

A Data Scientist is an expert who harnesses the power of data to solve complex problems and provide valuable insights. By combining skills in statistics, programming, and machine learning, the Data Scientist analyzes large datasets to identify trends, make predictions, and inform decisions. Often working at the intersection of technology and business, they transform raw data into actionable information, helping companies optimize their operations, innovate, and remain competitive in an increasingly data-driven world.

Who is this training for?

  • Those from scientific, technological, mathematical, or computer science backgrounds who are eager to specialize in a rapidly growing field.
  • Individuals working in sectors such as engineering, statistics, marketing, or finance who wish to acquire skills in data science and AI to evolve or transition their careers.
  • Engineers, developers, and data analysts looking to deepen their knowledge and integrate advanced machine learning and data analysis techniques into their projects.
  • Executives and managers who want to understand how to leverage data and AI to make strategic decisions and optimize their company’s performance.

Practical and Advanced Skills

Career Opportunities

Innovation and Competitiveness

Become a key player in digital transformation by helping companies innovate, optimize their operations, and stay competitive through data analysis and AI.

Networking and Community

Quality Training

Professional Development

These roles offer opportunities across various sectors, with a growing demand for data science and AI skills, ensuring promising and rewarding career prospects.


Module 1

Introduction and Fundamentals

4 Weeks

Module 2

Statistics and Mathematics

4 Weeks

Module 3

Data Exploration and Visualization

4 Weeks

Module 4

Machine Learning

4 Weeks

Module 5

Cybersecurity Tools & Techniques

4 Weeks

Module 6

Big Data and Advanced Techniques

4 Weeks

Module 7

Advanced Techniques and MasterCamp

4 Weeks