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Security Forces

Security Forces


If you are interested in public security structures (police, gendarmeries…) then this  MasterCamp© is for you. This  MasterCamp© is a comparative introduction to the modes of organization and operation of different internal and European security forces (France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Monaco)


  • Be able to understand the distinctions between security organizations whose functions are the same.
  • computer with internet.
  • French language.


All students in Law and Political Sciences.

  • Downloadable resources
  • Training certificate
  • Learn the different ways in which old states deal with threats, in this case with their internal security forces.
  • Understand the diversity of security structures.
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My Story

I’m an Associate Professor of Public Law, lawyer, researcher and director of the Homeland Security and Population Health Law and Regulation masters. Former member of the Faculty of Law and Science policy of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. After a DEUG at the University of Rouen and a doctorate in public law in Nice. I practiced as a lawyer, and was at the same time professor at the University of Savoie then at the University of Nice where he was Vice-President for European Affairs, before becoming Dean of its Faculty of Law and Political Science.

I founded the Center for studies and research in administrative, constitutional, financial and tax law and participated in the founding of the French Association for Security and Defense Law. I’am also the Defense referent of the Côte d’Azur University (UCA). His main areas of study are defense and intelligence law, national security issues and Islamist terrorism. He is also Colonel in the citizen reserve of the National Gendarmerie.

Where I’ve Worked

Dean of ‘’Faculté de Droit et Science politique’’, Université de Nice Sophia- Antipolis
janv. 2012 -2022
Director of ‘’ Centre d'études et de recherches en droit administratif, constitutionnel, financier’’ Faculté de droit de Nice - Sophia Antipolis
mars. 2018
Colonel Gendarmerie Nationale

Skills you will gain

Political Sciences & Law

  • Philosophie
  • History
  • Political science
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