International Control and Risk Management


Internal Control and Risk Management

Internal Control and Risk Management


This MasterCamp© provides a comprehensive understanding of internal control and risk management. You will learn how to design and implement an effective internal control system, identify and assess risks, and develop risk management strategies.
The course will also cover regulatory requirements and best practices for internal control and risk management.


  • To enroll in this MasterCamp©, you should have a basic understanding of business operations and accounting principles. No prior experience in internal control or risk management is required, but familiarity with relevant regulations and standards would be beneficial.


This MasterCamp© is designed for professionals in accounting, finance, audit, and compliance functions who are responsible for internal control and risk management. It is also suitable for business owners and managers who want to develop a strong internal control framework and mitigate business risks.

  • Video lectures, case studies, and practical examples
  • Interactive quizzes and assignments to reinforce learning
  • Discussion forums to exchange ideas and share experiences with other participants
  • Access to a dedicated instructor for personalized guidance and support
  • Certificate of completion upon finishing the course.
  • The concept and importance of internal control and risk management
  • The role of internal control in achieving business objectives
  • The framework for designing and implementing internal control systems
  • Techniques for identifying, assessing, and managing risks
  • Best practices for developing effective risk management strategies
  • Regulatory requirements and standards for internal control and risk management


  • Ability to design and implement an effective internal control system
  • Skills to identify and assess risks and develop risk management strategies
  • Understanding of regulatory requirements and best practices for internal control and risk management
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Communication and collaboration skills
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My Story

Prof. Aymen Abbadi is a teacher-researcher in the field of accounting and auditing. He holds a PhD in Management Sciences and has several years of experience in university teaching. During his career, he has had several teaching responsibilities and has taught in different disciplines related to accounting and finance.

At Bachelor level, Ayman Abbdi teaches subjects such as Financial Analysis, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Management Control, Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

At Master level, he teaches subjects such as External Audit, Internal Control, Contemporary Economic Issues and Accounting, Introduction to Research, Introduction to Auditing, Investment and Financing, and Critical Reading of Articles.

As an expert in accounting and auditing, Prof. Aymen Abbadi conducts research in various fields. His research interests include External Audit, Corporate Governance and Risk Management, and Accounting Standard Setting. He has published several research papers in specialized journals and participated in international conferences in his field of expertise.

Where I’ve Worked

2017 - Now
Associate Professor Of Accounting (Maître de conférences) Université de Lille
2018 - Now
Deputy Director Of International Relations - IAE Lille
2017 - Now
External Professsor SKEMA Business School
Assistant Professor Of Accounting American University in Duba

Skills you will gain


  • Behavioral Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Finance
  • Behavioral Economics
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